Have You Lost Your Marbles?!

When I was young, I loved to play with the marbles my dad had when he was young. I never played the real “marbles” game like he did, where you shoot into a circle and had names for the different sizes and colors. I just mostly made designs with them. :)

Anyway, a few years ago, my mom was cleaning out the spare room and came across his collection and asked him if he wanted them. He said to just give them to me, so they have a new home at my place.

The box they’re kept in is my granddad’s tie box. I had no idea they had boxes for ties back then, but apparently that’s what it is. A bit worn obviously, but I like that it’s still going into the third generation, albeit performing a different function.

Since I don’t have kids, one day, I’ll see if I can find a kid who would like to give them a good home… playing marbles or just making designs with them. :)

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