What a Tool!

Okay, so I know this is an odd photo to post, but I had nothing else, and I’m actually pretty excited about this.

This all started with my needing to “revitalize” my lawnmower. I bought a new blade for it, and then got to thinking, I don’t think I even have a wrench. Well, actually I do…one.  One crescent wrench, five screw drivers (three flat, two philips), a hammer, scattered allen wrenchs, and various and sundry other tools. I do, at least, have a tool box that I keep them all in, but still, it’s quite an incomplete set and with no markings as to size.

So I trek over to Home Depot and got this 123-piece Husky set. Yes, I know most of the set is made up of bits, but that’s okay. And I know they’re not Craftsman, but they’re also about 1/3 the price and still have a lifetime warranty, so I think they should serve me pretty well.

Now I’m wandering about the house looking for something that needs fixing. Perhaps, I should just break something? :)

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