Ears Back? Check!

Nose to the wind? Check!
Running through a field of clover? Check!
Life is good? Check!

This is one of a pair of sweet, old Goldens (Boudreaux or Muffin, don’t know which) who ran alongside of us as Sandee, her sisters, and I rode up into the backwoods of their property.

Both of the dogs are getting on up in years, but they kept up with us pretty well over hill and dale, slowing down when we did, and laying down in and drinking from small streams when they needed to. I kept wanting them to go home and not exert themselves, but they are country dogs who do exactly what they want to. And what they wanted to do was run!

After we all got home, I decided that, if wet-dog smell is happiness, they were ecstatic! :)

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