A House of a Different Color

This is a portrait of Glenn House, Sandee’s uncle, her dad’s brother. He’s always got a tale to tell, and if he doesn’t, he’ll make one up. I think that’s a trait of all the Houses. :)

Despite all of his accomplishments in the art community, he’s probably best known as the designer of the neon sign for the Moon Winx hotel in Tuscaloosa. Fortunately, the hotel was one of the landmarks spared by the tornado last year. He and his photographer wife Kathy Fetters live in Gordo, working with the Book Arts Program at UA, as well as traveling to different art shows across the South.

I would love to do more portrait-type photos, but I sometimes feel funny about taking photos of people who I don’t know, no matter what great character their face shows. Fortunately, Glenn is not camera shy, so I caught a few shots as he held court, telling a story.

Spent a great time in Gordo this weekend, visiting with Sandee’s family, eating lots of good, homemade Southern cooking, spending time in the woods, and even fishing with Sandee’s dad (who I did not get a good still photo of, so I’ll try to do that next time). All in all, a great Easter weekend!

(Photographic note: I used the HDR technique on this photo to improve light and shadow imperfections. In the process of doing this, it emphasizes details. And in this case, it emphasizes wrinkles. Glenn has wrinkles, but I think this photo makes him look older than he really is. However, I also think it gives his face even more character, and character… especially on a character… is a good thing. :)

To see more detail of this photo, visit my SmugMug site.

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