Messin’ Around

I decided to see what my climbing roses would look like if I photographed them at night. I got a few decent shots, but since there was no natural light around them, they came out kind of flat. Meh.

This photo was one of those images, but I increased the exposure so that the raindrops would show up a bit. As I was messing around with it, I realized it looked kind of old-fashioned, so I just took off from there.

I desaturated the colors, added some fake old paper, made the edges look frayed and burned, and then made the image itself a bit “distressed.”

I remembered a quote about roses, I’d seen years ago in a Ziggy cartoon, but couldn’t remember exactly how it went, so I looked it up and added it. The sentiment represents the way I try to look at life. And the older I get, the more important I realize it is to have a positive attitude.

So anyway, this little project has been a very effective way to avoid organizing my closet. :)

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