The Long and Short of It

Someone in Sandee’s neighborhood found a stray Dachshund and kept it for a few days, trying to find its owner. He placed flyers, checked newspapers and internet sites, and checked for microchipping, all to no avail. He notified folks on the Neighborhood Watch board that he was going to take her to the pound unless someone else was willing to take her, as he already had large dogs that were freaking her out.

My kind-hearted Sandee couldn’t bear the thought of her going to the pound (a high-kill shelter), so she took her in temporarily until we can find a good home for her. Some friends of ours are actually going to keep her for a while as they have a little Dachshund mix already, and they love and understand the breed.

We’re guessing Daisy is somewhere between three and five years old, seems to be in good health (although Sandee is taking her to the vet on Monday to have her checked out and to get shots), and is spayed. She has a surprisingly sweet disposition toward new people, which as I understand, is unusual for this breed. She bonded with Sandee very quickly and was extremely friendly to me right off the bat as well.

Last night, with three other dogs (one large and two smaller ones), she was scared and growled just a little when they were surrounding her wanting to sniff (as dogs do), but did not really offer to be aggressive, preferring more to hide in our laps. She slept very well in a crate and seems totally house trained.

When we took her to our friends’ house, she was again very friendly to the human stranger, and only somewhat wary of their little dog, Poppy, who was just dying to play with her. She seemed more annoyed than anything, sort of ignoring the blur of fur that kept running around her. She growled a little when Poppy got too close, but again, no lunging or anything like that. She seemed much more relaxed with the smaller dog.

We haven’t introduced her to my cats, so I don’t know how she would be with them.

If you know someone who’s looking for a VERY sweet, laid-back Dachshund, probably best suited to be with one other small dog or in an only-dog situation, please let me know. We want to make sure she’s getting the best home possible. Message me on Facebook if you’re interested. Thanks!

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