I went home to see my folks this weekend, and while I was there, I saw these little figures I sculpted for my mom between six to eight years ago.

One day, I was sitting around playing with Sculpey clay. Quite unconsciously, I fashioned what looked like a large nose. From that nose, sprang the figure of the old man, who Mama calls “Wilford Brimley.” My mom loves little figurines and knick-nacks, so I gave him to her as part of one of her Mother’s Day gifts. I made him to sit on the edge of a shelf, but Daddy built the little wooden bench for him.

Well, as the year went on, Mama commented several times that Wilford looked lonesome. So, for the next Mother’s Day, I created the prim and proper lady who now sits next to him. Mama believes that Wilford is trying to impress her, and while she pretends she doesn’t like it, she secretly does. :)

Then she said that they needed a dog. So for the following Christmas, I whipped up the little beagle. It’s hard to tell from the angle I shot at, but he’s sitting down, and his head is tilted because his back foot is up and scratching behind his ear.

They’re all a bit dusty, despite the cleaning I tried to give them before taking the photo, but their character still shines through.

Mama’s hinted a few more times that she’d like a cat to add to the collection, but I think I’m done. :)

**Note: This weekend was the first time I’d missed posting for two days in a row. I forgot to take my computer where I could upload photos. I was surprised that I was so miffed that I did not get to post something. :)

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