This Used to Be My Playground

(cue Madonna)

I used to play in and around this very small creek that runs through my parents’ property. It was fed from a catfish pond and underground stream up on a hillside so that it almost always had a couple of feet of water in it. I don’t remember what happened up stream, but now, it’s more often a muddy trickle.

I would sit on this bridge (barely showing in the foreground, since I want the bucket to be the focus) for hours and hours, catching bream and tiny catfish. The cats would line up and wait for me to throw them my catch, but more often than not, I threw them back so I could catch them again.

I used to see snakes, turtles, lizards, and frogs, but they usually slithered, ran, or jumped away before I got too close. And when we had ducks, I would sometimes throw the corn into the water to watch them turn bottom-side up to feed off the bottom.

Good memories.

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