Magnolias Are Bloomin’, Y’all

Is there any flower that is more distinctly Southern than a magnolia? One thing I really like about them is that the flower is so big, you can enjoy them just as you drive along the road.

I think I got this one a few days after its prime, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. This was taken just after today’s rain, and it still has water collecting in and dripping out of the lower leaf. And I’d never realized before how the stamen pieces look like match sticks when they fall off.

Side note: I’ve been kind of down about my photos lately… not really having much to chose from between home and work, work and home. Tonight, I decided to just get back out after work, and FIND something. I am pleased with this photo (even though, yes, it’s another flower), and I realize that, sometimes, I’ve just got to get out and make the moments happen. It might not always be that way, but at least I can take comfort in the effort.

Want details? Here they are.

One thought on “Magnolias Are Bloomin’, Y’all

  1. “get out and make the moments happen” ? That’s wisdom of the ages. In Japan there is a term for the transience of nature’s beauty. It’s wabi-sabi, and this photo illustrates that phrase perfectly. Lovely.

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