Mamma Mia

This is my mom. She might be upset with me for posting a photo of her when she was not prepared to have her photo taken. And while I think she looks just fine, the reason for why I took this picture is the place setting.

When I went home a couple of weekends ago, she told me she’d been thinking about a story she read. Seems this guy had a mother who had a cabinet full of fine china and crystal. She guarded it like it was a treasure… wouldn’t let the kids around it, rarely opened the doors to the cabinet, and insisted the family could use it only when company came over.

Years went by and the woman eventually passed on. As the son cleaned out her belongings, he mused that even when company came over, his mom still never used the china. He found himself sad at the waste of such beautiful objects and how his mother chose never to really enjoy that which she cherished so much.

The story obviously touched my mom, and she must have felt some of the same regret… and rightfully so… I can only remember eating off the china once before in my life.

So, Mama determined that she, Daddy, and I would have our Saturday lunch on the good china, drink out of crystal glasses, eat with real silverware, and use cloth napkins. It was a beautiful setting, and it gave me great pleasure to see Mama enjoying something in which she took such pride. And Daddy said he thought the crystal made the tea taste better. :)

I am so blessed to still have my wonderful mother with me. I hope I have many, many more times to eat off the good china with her… or off paper plates, as long as she’s there. :)

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