A Tenny for Your Thoughts

Meet Tenny, a bluetick hound/beagle mix. No, she’s not mine. She was just visiting the back yard while her person visited with my roommate. :)

I was looking for something to take a photo of with my new setup, and she obliged… with quite the quizzical look, I think. :)  I oversaturated her and totally desaturated the grass. I don’t know why… I just liked the way it looked.

“So, what’s the new setup?” you ask. Well, I knew you’d want to know, so I’m showing a picture below. It’s called a Gorilla Pod. It’s a tripod with flexible legs that will allow your camera to shoot from really low and at funky angles, as well as to wrap around objects in places you might not normally be able to use a tripod. Pretty cool!

Of course, the samples represented here show a very small, light-weight camera. I had to get a sturdy version that supports the weight of my camera and large lenses. But the folks who make it (Joby) offer several different supports, which makes it nice to be able to pick one that suits your camera.

Details of Tenny

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