Cotton Candy on a Saturday Night

While out and about running errands today, I spotted this tiny carnival in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. After our errands were over, I went back and took several photos. Since I knew I wouldn’t be there to take photos after dark, I liked that the sunset in the sky was turning pink and purple, making for a nice backdrop.

This photo was taken from about 16″ off the ground with my new Gorilla Pod. I just LOVE it! It was so easy to just pick up and move around from spot to spot very quickly.

And because I had the tripod, I was able to shoot bracketed photos for HDR. I will explain more about HDR later for those interested in it, but I’ll just say here that this photo is a composite of five images, exposed from darker to lighter. That’s why if you look closely at the detail, you will see movement in some of the people, because it took about one second to take the five images, and they were walking/moving. It results in an effect called ghosting. It can be fixed, but I didn’t mess with that part.

Anyway, I love the colors in this. And no, I didn’t get any cotton candy! :)

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