I’m Just Floored

Today, Sandee and I worked on the floor of the studio/shed. It will be a studio once we get the walls in and put the pottery wheel inside. In the meantime, it’s been serving as a storage shed.

It took us about five hours to move out all of the stored stuff (and it was a LOT), lay down the floor, and then move the stuff back in. Needless to say, we were proud of how fast we got it done, but also tired. Sandee did the laying down of the slats part. I did most of the support stuff, but it was a system that worked well for us. And the floor looks great!

This studio was started by Sandee and several members of her family, and finished by some contractor friends. We’ll do the walls and whatever else needs to be done. The entire thing is about 16 x 24, but today, we layed down the flooring for only this room, which is 14 x 16.

This photo is Sandee laying down the last strip. I told her people would think I never did any work, since I’m always the one taking the photos! :)

Details here.

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