Break in the Clouds

On my way home, I was caught in a torrential rain. You know, the kind where the rain blows horizontally in sheets, the lightning flashes nearby and the sharp crack of thunder follows closely after, and you creep along in your car, hoping you (nor the other cars around you) don’t start to hydroplane.

Right before I pulled in to Sonic to grab dinner, the rain and wind stopped abruptly and the sun broke brightly through the clouds.

While I was waiting for my food, I realized the sun was creating a near glow on underside of the yellow umbrellas. I hoped the server would bring my food before the sun went back behind the clouds, and sure enough, she did. I pulled forward and fired off a few shots.

There’s really nothing special about this photo other than I liked the yellow glow and all of the other colors in the shot.

Larger version here. Details are not too sharp. This was a handheld bracketed shot.

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