Nice Day for a White Wedding

Decided to tool around town today, looking for something to shoot, and I stopped at an area near downtown Norcross. They have some quaint, old buildings (as most towns do), so I strolled along, just snapping away.

I finally wound up in a new park (less than two years old), and was walking around taking photos of kids playing in the fountain, people, old churches nearby… when suddenly, this wedding party appears from the other side of the park. They were headed to a gazebo to take some photos. I shot a few of them in the gazebo, but didn’t want to be an interloper, so I couldn’t get into position very well. I figured nothing would come of the photos I took.

I made a circuit of the park and was about to head back to my car when I saw that the wedding group was heading toward where I was. I took a position where the sun wouldn’t be a problem, got up high enough that others in the park weren’t in frame, and started snapping.

I really liked this shot of the bride and (I presume) her parents and flower girls walking along silently. At first I was disappointed with the shot because they weren’t looking up, but then I realized I liked it because they all look lost in thought (or maybe just trying to watch where they are walking? :) Her dress was so beautiful, especially the beadwork, as were the dresses of the attendants. And the men looked so handsome in black with the matching red accents.

I’m not sure what anyone else’s monitor is showing, but the reds are fire-engine red, and believe it or not, I did not mess with the colors on this image. Everything was just that vibrant.

So glad I stumbled onto this wedding party. Who enjoys serendipity? “I do!”


One thought on “Nice Day for a White Wedding

  1. Great photo, as always, Cheryl! It looks like she is Indian. But, she isn’t wearing the traditional all red wedding dress (or jewelry). I’ve seen a few of those on television. Thanks for sharing (as always)!

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