Around Memorial Day, the City of Duluth always lines the streets with the names of those from Duluth who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. When I’m traveling to and from work during this time, I always try to pay attention to the names of those on the crosses. Most of the time, they’re going so fast I can’t really see that much.

I was stopped at the traffic light at Hwy. 120 and Buford a couple of days ago, and noticed these three crosses next to one another, kind of grouped alone from the others. I read the first name, then the second, then the third, and realized I was probably seeing three generations who had given everything.

I came back that afternoon and took the best picture I could, but with so much “stuff” in the background, I didn’t do them the justice I wanted to, but still felt it important to show this slice of one family’s sacrifice.

Thank you to all of our veterans who serve with honor.

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