Double Rainbow… All the Way… Full On!!

If any of you saw the “Double Rainbow” viral video of a couple of years ago, you’ll probably understand the title. (PLEASE watch his video to get an idea of what I’m about to reference in the rest of my post. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. :)

This is a probably the best shot I got of the double rainbow I saw yesterday, but I’m telling you, this does NOT do justice to the beautiful, glowing, vibrant colors I saw yesterday. It really was breathtaking.

I understand the awe the guy in the video experienced, and I thought of him as I filmed my own video (much shorter :). I was about to start doing an imitation of him, when people pulled up behind me and started taking photos of the scene as well. I didn’t want them to think I was a total lunatic, so I just gave the basic narration. :)

In my video, you’ll see that I had pulled back to try to get more of the whole arc in the shot, and because of that, I got the annoying fence in the foreground. For this shot, I stuck my camera lens through the tiny gap in the fence and took this photo. I was soaking wet, my camera was getting wet, and I had my hand up over my lens trying to shield it, but despite all of that, I pulled off a pretty decent shot.

What’s funny is that I had been driving around in the light rain for about 30 minutes, wishing the clouds would clear so I could find something, anything to take a photo of. As I turned the corner onto this road, I saw all these buses, parked for the summer. I thought it might make an interesting shot, so as I passed, I looked back over my shoulder to see if there was a place to park, and saw the amazing rainbow. Did a U-turn right there on the highway! (Safely, of course)

I do so enjoy those unexpected moments! Full on!!

One thought on “Double Rainbow… All the Way… Full On!!

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