I Saw the Light, Lord, I Saw the Light

Any good Southern Baptists out there will recognize that hymn, I’m sure. :)

I’ve become very interested in trying to display the luminance and glow of cast light. Of course, that requires that I shoot pretty late in the evening or very early in the morning… and believe me, I don’t get up early very often, so I will have to play with light in the evenings.

This photo was taken sometime around 9:00pm shortly after shooting the Double Rainbow photo, and the clouds were still roiling about nicely. As I was going home, I saw the light on the front of this church and liked it. I set up my Gorilla Pod (that I’m loving) on a fire hydrant in the parking lot and took three bracketed shots for HDR. I love the purple and faded pink it caught in the clouds as well as the glow of the cast light.

I looked for a way to try to get to where the building on the left was secondary, rather than so predominant in the photo. I like the chapel building much better, but couldn’t get to it without walking across the property at night, so I stayed in the parking lot.

You might notice that there is light along the edge of the parking lot. It is from a lamp post light that I edited out because it was a distraction to the photo. Other than that, it’s all what was there.

Details... not as sharp as I’d like, but not bad.

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