(Not) Winchester Cathedral

I can’t help it… whenever I see the word cathedral, I think of this song.

This is a cathedral on the campus of Carleton College in Northfield, MN. It didn’t have as many stained-glass windows as I’d hoped, but it’s just as well. I kind of blew out the highlights with this four-second exposure.

If you look at the details, you can see Sandee and her mom at the very back. They must have been very still to be this clear in an exposure that long. Perhaps they were thinking about how Petula Clark rocked the 60s. :)

Check Yer Baggage at the Door

Haven’t taken any photos since the weekend, so I thought I’d share another from the birthday party I attended. As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, the theme to the party was “Around the World in 40 Years.”

My favorite decorations were these old suitcases and stuff sitting outside the fence entrance to the backyard where the party was going on.

I admire clever people who know how to throw a party. I think my parties are okay, and my friends seem to have a good time, but I’m not the Martha Stewart type when it comes to ideas and presentation. :)



This is one of the sweetie pie puppies that Sandee rescued Friday. One of his litter mates (who is also at Sandee’s house) has Parvo, so they’re being kept apart in different bathrooms.

This little buddy was so terrified that he hid behind the toilet and screamed and howled like he was being pulled apart, limb from limb. I sat on the side of the tub and petted him and fed him a little bit at a time, until he didn’t back up when I put my hand out.

He’s still nervous, but he’s come so far over the weekend. His tail wags and he will approach me when I give him little pieces of cheese.

A few more days of lovin’ on him, and he’ll forget his unfortunate beginning. :)

Nice Buns

At a 40th birthday party for a friend this weekend, there was a ton of great food. The birthday girl is a former chef, so needless to say the fare was exquisite… beef wellington, asparagus tips in filo, ceviche tacos, mini-brats in rolls, artichoke tarts, and beef tampanade… and that was just the little bit that I had!

Additionally, she has also been an events planner, so the setup was clever and appealing as well. Little special touches of her “Around the World in 40 Years” theme were everywhere… globes, luggage, maps, etc. As far as photos go, my favorite were the rolls. They just looked so yummy in the antique basket with the plaid towel… sort of “old world” bakery, I guess.

Met some nice new people, had great food, and didn’t have to clean up afterwards. Is there a better kind of party?! :)

Shifting Gears

Today, it’s all about texture and composition.

These were some random gears stacked against the wall of a porch in Minnesota. I walked past them several times, and they kept catching my eye, so I finally took a few photos of them. As I was processing the photo, it seemed that the colors of the red and orange bricks to the right were competing with the focal point for my attention. Since the yellow umbrella base (?) and the gears were most interesting, I desaturated everything else.

I like the way this came out. The textures and shapes are so strong in the composition, I can almost feel the rust of their age and the heaviness of the metals.

There’s a photo tip in here somewhere… In post processing, don’t be afraid to experiment to draw out the most interesting elements and subdue the rest. In a “busy” image like this, your eye needs a place to settle and then appreciate the details.

Queen of the Pollen Nation

Just posting this one from a couple of days ago because I need to get this in before midnight.

I took this honey bee’s photo in an area off the path at the park. As I was walking back up to the path, I stepped right over a yellow jacket’s nest. I only saw it because one of them was coming up out of the hole. I am sooo glad I did not disturb their nest! I’ve heard some pretty bad stories about yellow jacket swarms. Yeesh!


Good Mourning

This young mourning dove was giving me the once over as I approached its nest in the parking lot at work. I could see two this age, but couldn’t get a good picture of both because of all the leaves and how high they were above me.