Muddy Waters

First photo (probably of many) from my trip to Minnesota.

Sandee and I kind of stumbled into this place. We headed north toward Minneapolis/St. Paul looking for Minihaha Falls. We found the turnoff and the park with the trail to the Falls; however it was soooo crowded, so we ventured a little further down to another park. We found ourselves at Lock and Dam No. 1 on the Mississippi River. It’s the first lock of 28 along the Mississippi River which allow traffic on the river, falling from an elevation of 750 feet above to sea level.

Being able to walk out onto the sides of the lock and dam, we were fascinated by being that close to the river, swollen by melting snows and lots of rain. The power of the water as it went over the dam was incredible. I’ll post pictures of that later.

This is a picture looking upstream at the Ford Bridge. The eastern bank the river, just out of frame, was home to the Ford Assembly Plant.

My favorite part is the reflection of the sky and bridge in the water. It seemed so deceptively calm even though it was moving very swiftly and headed toward quite a turbulent drop in just a few yards.

Some pretty good details here.

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