Long Winded

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but one of the things that fascinated me during our drive to Minnesota were the wind turbines along the way, especially in Illinois. I really like that wind power is a clean alternative energy source, and it’s quite pretty to see the HUGE blades gently spinning in the wind on the horizon.

Sandee took a video of a “wind farm” as we were going north, and you can see that on my YouTube page here. (You will also hear me say “Please take this!” in a frustrated voice because she was not following my directorial pointing. Sorry, Sandee. You did good. :)

This photo was taken on the way back, going south. We pulled over at an exit where the turbines just seemed to go on forever, went a couple of miles down the road, and found this place where we could get fairly close to them. I was right next to a “No Trespassing” sign to take the photo of this turbine, part of the Mendota Hills Wind Farm. To give you an idea of the scale, at the bottom of the tower, you can see some stairs and a door… where an adult can walk in. Yeah, it’s that tall! :)

If you look at the detailed photo, you can see more of the turbines in the lower part of the picture.

Below is part of the Wikipedia information about it.

The Mendota Hills Wind Farm is a wind farm in the U.S. state of Illinois near the village of Paw Paw in Lee County. It consists of 63 operating wind turbines. Each wind turbine stands 214 ft. tall and has three 85 ft. long blades. The wind farm was constructed from June 2003 to November 24, 2003. Mendota Hills was the first utility-scale wind farm in the state of Illinois.

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