Don’t Blinx, You’ll Miss It

This is a sphinx hummingbird moth that was buzzing/flying about some azalea-type bush outside Sandee’s sister’s house.

It moved and flitted about just like a hummingbird, and was about the same size, maybe just a tad smaller. I’d never seen one of these, so I just kept shooting until I got a good picture… which is harder than it looks because they move about so fast. It never seemed to land, so I finally put the shutter speed up to 1/3000th of a second to get the wings to be not blurry and to capture detail, even in mid-flight as seen here. Of course, that high shutter speed accounts for some of the high ISO noise, but it’s not too bad.

Update: I found a video on YouTube that someone shot of how much this moth moves like a hummingbird, and it also looks like the same kind of bush. Those fast wings make me appreciate my camera even more! :)

If you’re interested, take a look at the details on the moth.

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