Peach Pit

Okay, I guess I’m really pushing the bad pun on this one. Since this quarry pit is in Georgia, I’m calling it a “peach pit.” (I see you all rolling your eyes. :)

I discovered this quarry quite by accident not too long ago. I was looking for something on Google maps, and saw this very large, weird looking ground structure. From the aerial map, I thought it was coming UP from the ground, rather than a deep excavation. I investigated and found it is a very large granite quarry owned/mined by Vulcan materials about five miles from my house.

I drove by there today and stopped at the observation point they have for visitors. I had to hold my camera up over a chain link fence and shoot downward and just hope I got something. This was the best photo of the bunch.

A statement on their web site says that this is the world’s largest granite quarry, but when I googled that fact, it seems that Mt. Airy, NC actually has the largest quarry. Either way, it’s really huge. To give you an idea of the size, you’ll see, in the upper-left corner, a yellow arrow which is pointing to a large crane. That huge vehicle looks like a speck against the whole. Worth looking at the details here.

I hope to go back some day and take the tour that lets you go down into the quarry. Now THAT would be cool!

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