LaCrossing the River

Today was too overcast and dreary to get out and take photos, so I’m dipping back into my recent trip photos.

This was taken at a rest stop on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River, just across from La Crosse, Wisconsin. It’s another lock and dam (#7), but not as big of a drop in the river as the #1.

What a gorgeous day it was! The sky was so blue, the clouds fluffy and white, and grass and leaves so sun-dappled. One of the things I came to really appreciate on such a long road trip were the rest stops! :) Some, like this one, had really pretty views; others were just utilitarian, but all were clean and well-maintained. Now THAT’s something I can get on board with spending tax dollars for. :)

There was a parking lot and rail to the left that I could not get out of frame while still having this view of the lock and dam, birch tree, and river, so I cloned it out. I think it looks okay except that the tree is casting too much shade in that direction.


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