Sunset at My Sister’s Grave

I visited my folks this weekend, and a little before sunset, I started itching to take some photos. I took some of the big bridge across the river, and then decided to go “up the hill” toward the higher elevation in the community so I could catch more of the fast-setting sun.

I took the opportunity to visit my sister’s grave. The light was so beautiful, the clouds reflecting beautiful pinks, oranges, and purples. Except for the airplane contrail, it was quite a sweeping vista. I steadied my camera on the tombstone in front of hers (respectfully, of course), and took five shots. Shooting directly into the sun is tricky unless you use the HDR format. It also caught a nice sunburst as well. I did take some power lines out of the background, but other than that, this is pretty much the way it was.

I sat there for a few minutes after taking the photo, feeling sad, thinking how young 15 is and how unfair life can be sometimes. Then I looked again at the beautiful sunset, took a deep breath and composed myself, and walked away.


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