Shifting Gears

Today, it’s all about texture and composition.

These were some random gears stacked against the wall of a porch in Minnesota. I walked past them several times, and they kept catching my eye, so I finally took a few photos of them. As I was processing the photo, it seemed that the colors of the red and orange bricks to the right were competing with the focal point for my attention. Since the yellow umbrella base (?) and the gears were most interesting, I desaturated everything else.

I like the way this came out. The textures and shapes are so strong in the composition, I can almost feel the rust of their age and the heaviness of the metals.

There’s a photo tip in here somewhere… In post processing, don’t be afraid to experiment to draw out the most interesting elements and subdue the rest. In a “busy” image like this, your eye needs a place to settle and then appreciate the details.

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