It’s a Lock

A while back, I posted a photo of the Ford Bridge that spans the Mississippi River at Lock #1.

This is a bit further downstream with a good view of one of the locks, the dam, and the bridge.

Considering that this is a functioning lock (and there’s another slough to the left), I really appreciated that the Army Corps of Engineers made it so accessible and nice for visitors. There were several informational plaques that told the history of the lock, how they worked, the fish and bird that could be found there, etc. Additionally, there were several places to sit and relax and enjoy the river rushing by.

This photo is taken from a platform that allowed visitors to walk from the river bank over to the locks, and was probably four or five stories above the water. It was one of those metal grate floors where, if you drop something small, well, it’s a goner. Normally, I wouldn’t walk across something like that so high up, but my desire to get to good vantage points was stronger than my fear. :)

Some good details on this one if you’re interested.

Leaf Me Alone

Atlanta Botanical GardenAt the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, in the hot house (or as I call it, the most humid place on the face of the planet), there are tropical plants of all sorts. Some of the leaves are absolutely gigantic, and then, there are tiny little orchids, so the vegetation is wildly varied. If it wasn’t for how uncomfortable it is, I’d probably stay in the hot house most of the time.

I saw these little flowers peeking out from between these fronds, and thought they almost looked like baby chicks hiding beneath mama’s wings. Plus, I just like the way palm fronds look… their repetitive pattern fascinates me.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Fernbank MuseumThis is a shot from a couple of months ago when I visited the Fernbank Museum. Unfortunately, the museum itself is potentially on the chopping block as DeKalb County looks for places to trim its budget.

You can see the scale of the “dinosaur bones” in relation to the building and the people below It’s pretty impressive. I’m just glad I don’t share my environment with the real thing! :)

…And a Scottish Lass to Boot

I haven’t been taking photos, but don’t want to get too much out of the habit of posting, so here’s a weird one for you.

While in Red Wing, Minnesota, recently we happened upon the home store for Red Wing shoes/boots. I’d heard of them before, but never owned any. The boots are very popular with construction workers and have, of late, become popular with the hip hop crowd as well. The shoes are more for the hiking and climbing crowd.

They had discount outlet in the bottom of the building, the main retail store on the street level, and a Red Wing boot museum on the top floor. It was really quite interesting to walk through the museum and read about their history and see how boots are made. The boots along the top wall behind the big boot are all of the different sizes they make, and if I remember correctly, it was 56 different sizes.

And of course, there’s this… the world’s largest boot. It’s not just a some model made of plastic. It’s an actual leather boot that uses the same materials they use in the regular boots. It’s almost two stories tall, as you can see here.

This woman kept walking around the boot, kind of lingering in front of it, so I finally just had to get a shot with her in it. Right after I took this, she asked me to take her photo with it. She seemed embarassed to only have an iphone camera, as she kept going on about how hers was not “professional” like mine. I told her that if by “professional” she meant making money with it, then mine was as non-professional as hers. :)

She had the most wonderful Scottish accent, and I kept making conversation, just to hear her talk. I think she was doing the same thing with me. :)

Three Bee, or Not Three Bee…

I have been wanting to take photos of a neighbor’s sunflowers for days. Finally today, on my way back from lunch, I stopped at their house, knocked on the door, and asked if I could take a few pictures. They were gracious and let me take as many as I wanted.

The stalks were very tall, and I was shooting almost straight up into the sun, but I really like the way the backlighting makes the yellow in the petals look like they’re glowing.

Even though my lens was very close to them, the three bees totally ignored me, and continued to happily crawl around on the surface.

This one is definitely worth at look at the details. They’re pretty awesome! (In case you’re wondering, I did bump up the saturation some. Shooting toward the high-sky sun really washes some colors out, especially the blue.)

Let the Annoying Portraits Continue

I have been spending an inordinate amount of my spare time working with Edison to make sure he adjusts as well as possible to his new life… training him, acclimating him to the other pets, showing him around the yard, and basically, watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t relieve himself where he shouldn’t nor chew on things he shouldn’t.

Because of this, the only thing I’ve been taking photos of is him. I’ll try not to get TOO annoying with posting pictures of him, but I’m not promising not to document his life fairly regularly. :)

Today was his first visit with the vet I use. Other than having a few fleas, he got a great report. He still needs the last two sets of booster shots, and then he can hang out with other dogs at the dog park.

I did ask the vet about the droopy lower lids, which are very obvious in this photo. Sometimes they are there, and sometimes they’re not. The vet (and most online talk) said that it’s probably that he’s still growing into his skin. When the vet saw him today and his size (24 lbs) and that he’s only between 12-14 weeks old, she said “He’s gonna be a BIG dog… easily topping 90-100 lbs.” Wow!

His size is one of the reasons I want him to be extremely well-trained. If I can’t control him as a puppy, I won’t have much chance to control him full-grown. So far, he’s extremely laid back. I just hope that personality continues. :)


Between a Rock and a Cute Face

Meet Edison, my foster dog. He’s one of the four that Sandee rescued about two weeks ago. I helped him not to be so terrified of people, and during that time, have just lost my heart to the little fella.

I’ve been working with him at Sandee’s house, teaching him already to walk easily on the leash… sitdown… and now, we’re working on stay. He’s also pretty much housebroken too, but I’m sure that might be tested a few days in this new environment.

He’s sooo bright and eager to please (hence the genius name), and remarkably laid back for a lab puppy, although he has moments of Puppies Gone Wild behavior, which is just a hoot to watch. :)

Tonight is his first night at my house, and so far, everything’s gone pretty well. My roommate’s dog did some pretty fierce growling and nipping early on, but he’s an older male and will probably take a bit more time to adjust. The cats are curious, but wary. Edison (aka Eddie) is curious about them as well, and does the “down dog” position like he wants to play but isn’t sure how. I’m hoping the introduction at an early age will lead to a friendship between the species. If not, Eddie has to go another forever home, because the cats come first. :)

I was also concerned that the fireworks would make him nervous tonight, but he’s sleeping right through them. Yay for being worn out! :)

Happy 4th, everyone!