Places to Be, Things to Do!!

I had my first photo shoot with a child this past Saturday. I haven’t shared the photos with her parents yet, and they might not want me to show her face publicly, so I’m only sharing this for now.

Besides, this was the angle which she most presented to me… running in the other direction, away from the camera. That child was ON THE GO! We started a little after 9:00, and it was already 87 degrees, so I knew it was going to be a hot shoot. When we stopped about an hour later, her mom, dad, and I were drenched in sweat from following her around, and she was ready for round two! Oh, to have that much energy when I wanted it!

It was a fun shoot with some really nice folks, and I learned a few things… things I did right, things I would do differently next time.

I think I got some good shots that her parents will like, but it certainly wasn’t because she sat still. It’s because I have a fast camera! :)

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