Between a Rock and a Cute Face

Meet Edison, my foster dog. He’s one of the four that Sandee rescued about two weeks ago. I helped him not to be so terrified of people, and during that time, have just lost my heart to the little fella.

I’ve been working with him at Sandee’s house, teaching him already to walk easily on the leash… sitdown… and now, we’re working on stay. He’s also pretty much housebroken too, but I’m sure that might be tested a few days in this new environment.

He’s sooo bright and eager to please (hence the genius name), and remarkably laid back for a lab puppy, although he has moments of Puppies Gone Wild behavior, which is just a hoot to watch. :)

Tonight is his first night at my house, and so far, everything’s gone pretty well. My roommate’s dog did some pretty fierce growling and nipping early on, but he’s an older male and will probably take a bit more time to adjust. The cats are curious, but wary. Edison (aka Eddie) is curious about them as well, and does the “down dog” position like he wants to play but isn’t sure how. I’m hoping the introduction at an early age will lead to a friendship between the species. If not, Eddie has to go another forever home, because the cats come first. :)

I was also concerned that the fireworks would make him nervous tonight, but he’s sleeping right through them. Yay for being worn out! :)

Happy 4th, everyone!


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