Let the Annoying Portraits Continue

I have been spending an inordinate amount of my spare time working with Edison to make sure he adjusts as well as possible to his new life… training him, acclimating him to the other pets, showing him around the yard, and basically, watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t relieve himself where he shouldn’t nor chew on things he shouldn’t.

Because of this, the only thing I’ve been taking photos of is him. I’ll try not to get TOO annoying with posting pictures of him, but I’m not promising not to document his life fairly regularly. :)

Today was his first visit with the vet I use. Other than having a few fleas, he got a great report. He still needs the last two sets of booster shots, and then he can hang out with other dogs at the dog park.

I did ask the vet about the droopy lower lids, which are very obvious in this photo. Sometimes they are there, and sometimes they’re not. The vet (and most online talk) said that it’s probably that he’s still growing into his skin. When the vet saw him today and his size (24 lbs) and that he’s only between 12-14 weeks old, she said “He’s gonna be a BIG dog… easily topping 90-100 lbs.” Wow!

His size is one of the reasons I want him to be extremely well-trained. If I can’t control him as a puppy, I won’t have much chance to control him full-grown. So far, he’s extremely laid back. I just hope that personality continues. :)


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