…And a Scottish Lass to Boot

I haven’t been taking photos, but don’t want to get too much out of the habit of posting, so here’s a weird one for you.

While in Red Wing, Minnesota, recently we happened upon the home store for Red Wing shoes/boots. I’d heard of them before, but never owned any. The boots are very popular with construction workers and have, of late, become popular with the hip hop crowd as well. The shoes are more for the hiking and climbing crowd.

They had discount outlet in the bottom of the building, the main retail store on the street level, and a Red Wing boot museum on the top floor. It was really quite interesting to walk through the museum and read about their history and see how boots are made. The boots along the top wall behind the big boot are all of the different sizes they make, and if I remember correctly, it was 56 different sizes.

And of course, there’s this… the world’s largest boot. It’s not just a some model made of plastic. It’s an actual leather boot that uses the same materials they use in the regular boots. It’s almost two stories tall, as you can see here.

This woman kept walking around the boot, kind of lingering in front of it, so I finally just had to get a shot with her in it. Right after I took this, she asked me to take her photo with it. She seemed embarassed to only have an iphone camera, as she kept going on about how hers was not “professional” like mine. I told her that if by “professional” she meant making money with it, then mine was as non-professional as hers. :)

She had the most wonderful Scottish accent, and I kept making conversation, just to hear her talk. I think she was doing the same thing with me. :)

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