It’s a Lock

A while back, I posted a photo of the Ford Bridge that spans the Mississippi River at Lock #1.

This is a bit further downstream with a good view of one of the locks, the dam, and the bridge.

Considering that this is a functioning lock (and there’s another slough to the left), I really appreciated that the Army Corps of Engineers made it so accessible and nice for visitors. There were several informational plaques that told the history of the lock, how they worked, the fish and bird that could be found there, etc. Additionally, there were several places to sit and relax and enjoy the river rushing by.

This photo is taken from a platform that allowed visitors to walk from the river bank over to the locks, and was probably four or five stories above the water. It was one of those metal grate floors where, if you drop something small, well, it’s a goner. Normally, I wouldn’t walk across something like that so high up, but my desire to get to good vantage points was stronger than my fear. :)

Some good details on this one if you’re interested.

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