Stone and Sky

I had to get out and take some photos today. It’s just been too long! After work, I drove around for a few minutes, making my way over to Norcross. I had seen this cemetery next to a church many times, but this time, I pulled into the parking lot and started walking through.

The clouds were rolling with the hint of a coming storm, but the sun was still shining through in places. It was lighting up this very large monument to a young man who died at 25. I can’t remember the lines at the base, but it had to do with him being someone who cared about others…. something like “… he dropped flowers along the path for others.” It was more eloquent than that, but I remembered that part because the statue shows someone about to drop a flower.

The statue was at least 15 feet up. I did not have to kneel to get this photo, but was standing right at the base, shooting up, and using my zoom. The dark places are not part of a bad photo, the mildew/mold on the statue was very mottled. Notice it’s mostly on the undersides of the statue’s details. I guess the places where the sun hits gets rained on, then bleached by the sun and thus, stays white.

The sadness in his eyes and around the mouth made me feel sad too. Pretty impressive.


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