Monument to Grief

Another cemetery photo from yesterday. This one actually choked me up a bit. The person who crafted this figure captured perfectly a sad collapse of grief.

What really got me, however, is that someone placed a single rose here not too long ago (green stem now brown, but some color left in the petals) and positioned it exactly like you see it here. The only thing I did to affect the composition was to pull up a long weed that was right in front of the monument. In the photo, I did clone out what I think was a nightlight close by.

The black part of the monument was about a normal size headstone, maybe a little smaller, and the figure is not life size, but maybe 3/4 scale. Still, a fairly large piece. It bothers me that all of the grass clippings and trash have been slung up on the monument, and half the grass looked cut, while the other half didn’t, but I wanted to show it as it was.

So technically photographically, it’s not all I would like for it to be, but viscerally, it moved me tremendously, and I’m sure that was the sculptor’s intent.

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