Jesse James… FAIL!

No photos tonight, so I’m pulling one from the Minnesota trip. This is part of downtown Northfield, Minnesota, home of St. Olaf and Carleton College. It’s a small town, but the downtown area seems to be thriving and certainly has a quaint, attractive look about it.

I’ve always thought that if a town has a river, they certainly ought to make good use of it with bridges, river walks, and the like. Northfield has certainly done that.

The title alludes to the fact that the First Bank of Northfield was in the process of being robbed by Jesse James and his gang, when somehow, several of the townsfolk got wind of the robbery in progress. As Jesse and his men tried to leave, the armed citizens opened fire on them. Some of the gang were killed,but Jesse and his brother escaped and headed toward the Dakotas.

While we were there, I saw the bullet holes that are still shown with pride on the side of the old bank building. Pretty cool.

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