Lachlan Slept Here

Well, he probably didn’t sleep HERE, but I’m pretty sure he slept nearby. :)

On the way back from our vacation, Sandee and I stopped in the town of Darien, Georgia. You might know it more from the Civil War movie Glory as the town that Colonel Shaw did not want his troops to destroy, since it had no military significance and was undefended. He was overruled and the town was destroyed.

However, what you might not know is that one of my direct ancestors, Lachlan McGillivray, and several of his Scottish kinsmen and women were the first settlers (1736) in the town of Darien after James Oglethorpe requested hardy Scottish folk to come and settle in the surrounding areas.

But I digress… what is actually pictured here is the reconstruction of Fort King George (1721-1727), the first settlement of English-speaking people in what would become the state of Georgia. It was a fort complete with earthenworks, spiked fences, and a moat. The moat seemed a bit like overkill to me, as the entire area is almost completely surrounded by marshy swamp-like land/water.

The large building in the distance is actually a four-story structure (the first level is hidden below the earthenworks). It was surprisingly very pleasant with the breeze blowing through, especially since it was about 95 degrees and very humid outside. The small square holes you see at regular intervals at the level of the third floor are where soldiers could stick their rifles/muskets through and shoot.

Rather than trying to explain it all in this post, you can read about Lachlan here and Fort King George here.

You can also view details of the photo here.

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