Out on a Limb

This is an amazing, large, old live oak tree on Cumberland Island. Perhaps there were more like it (or larger) on parts of the island we didn’t see, but this was the largest we came across. Not only were the limbs growing into the ground and back out again, but there were ferns and even cactus growing on top of them!

The shade provided one of the coolest spots on the island. I remarked to Sandee that it would be wonderful to have a couple of adirondack chairs out there, so we could just sit back and relax.

Sandee was kind enough to let me use this photo, even though she doesn’t like how she looks in it. We’d already gotten very hot, sweaty and practically bathed in mosquito repellent. However, it was important to have her standing there so you could get an idea of the relative size of the tree. I was using a wide-angle lens, and I could have backed up to have shown the whole tree, but the details in the bark and leaves wouldn’t have been as sharp. I took this photo standing under the canopy of its limbs. THAT’s how big this tree is!

Details are awesome!

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