Fiddler on the Loose

This is a closeup of a Fiddler Crab, and this is one of the rare times when I feel like one photo is just not enough to represent the “experience” we had with these creatures.

First, there’s the photo you see above, showing the intricate and colorful markings on the back of this male crab. The males have the one extra large claw, and they are more colorful than the females. They’re also known as China Crabs, because some think the markings on their backs looks like painting on porcelain china.

Second, there’s the image you see here below. Click on it to take you to the much larger image. Unfortunately, I did not get great focus on this, but I think it’s good enough to get the idea of how many and how varied they were… I really didn’t bump up the color much at all. That’s pretty much how they were.

Click on the image to see a larger, more detailed photo.

And finally, I shot a horrible video showing a brief snippet of how many there were and how they moved almost as a unit. (Why it’s bad video: I was using a wide angle lens, so I couldn’t zoom in much. As I tried to get closer, they were running en masse into the water, so I backed off. When I turned to get the photo of the crab in Sandee’s hand, I focused on it, then forgot to refocus when I went back to the wide angle shot. Duh! I was “shooting blind” since the sun was so bright, I couldn’t see what was in the viewfinder, and was just pointing… unfortunately, somewhat jerkily so.) Anyway, you get the idea of how many there were.

Watch the video here.

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