I’m Board

The good folks at the National Park Service were kind enough not to make us walk through the marsh to get to the beach. There were plenty of times I fully expected to see an alligator lying in wait in the murky waters, but fortunately, we never did. No matter how far away it might be, I don’t think I have a lens long enough to make me comfortable being with an alligator that’s not in an enclosure.

Anyway, this is just a shot I like because it leaves you kind of wondering where the boardwalk is taking us. Well, it took us on several more twists and turns before it dumped us out on the path to the beach… which was flooded with some very dark water that I wasn’t about to walk through. So we found a way across the dunes and finally onto the beach.

I held the camera above my head and pointed downward for this shot, hoping to show the zigzag. It did okay, but it make me wish I had Mr. Gadget arms that could elongate when I needed them to. :)

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