Life Among the Ruins

This is a section of the ruins at Dungeness, the mansion completed by the Carnegie family on Cumberland Island in 1886. In its day, it must have been quite the showplace, but unfortunately, in the 1950s, an arsonist burned it, and the family chose not to rebuild since they had moved away from the island in the 1930s. The park system now maintains it as ruins.

You can see places where it has been buttressed, and while we were there, someone was weed eating around it. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to go into the ruins for obvious safety reasons and because it would speed the deterioration process.

I finally finished my photo gallery of Cumberland Island photos (including the full view of the mansion). I may add a couple more, but for the most part, it’s done. Some have appeared here on my blog; others have not. Feel free to visit and see all of the pictures.

And don’t forget, in the gallery, you can click on the larger picture to the right, and it will open to show one picture that will fill up the size of whatever screen you have. You can then advance through the photos that size by clicking the arrows above the picture.


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