“Simon?” “Yes, Garfunkel?”

First of all, the title is an allusion to a Golden Girls episode, and then it’s an allusion to their famous song “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which always makes me think of my friend, Kristy C.

Second, I took this well over a year ago at my beloved Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the Japanese gardens. I wish you could see some of the large koi that were swimming in the murky waters, but alas, they are not visible.

This is a much-photographed bridge, and I’ve always loved its bright red color against the dark bamboo, enticing visitors to come and visit or just sit and admire.

**Update** After I wrote this the first time, I looked more closely, and you can see two large, orange koi near the surface in the lower left-hand corner of the image, right underneath where the branch touches the water. Cool.

Details? Yeah, we got ’em.

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