Pillar of the Earth

… and why is that? Why don’t architects build structures like this anymore? They’re so beautiful and majestic… and they last!

This is a chapel on the campus of Carleton College in Minnesota (I think, unless I got it confused with the chapel on St. Olaf’s campus in the same town).

I actually took a picture of the entire front of the building in my shot, but cropped it down so you can see better what makes it so beautiful… the symmetry of the design, the textures of the stone, the intricacies of the details, and the lustre of the polished wood.

When I see buildings like this, it reminds me of a wonderful novel I read a few years ago… The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I won’t even begin to try to give you a synopsis, but it was a wonderful read about a man who was compelled to build cathedrals. Structures like this always make me think how proud the architects and builders must feel when something like this is created from their imagination and their labor.

Details, if you’re interested.

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