Duluth’s Hall of Justice (echo.echo.echo)

Another night photo… sorry, y’all get to be the recipients of my practicing night photography. It just amazes me that so much detail can be picked up when it’s so dark outside.

This was taken with a 16-35mm wide angle lens. I really enjoy using this lens for landscapes, but it has its pros and cons for close-up subjects. One of the pros is that I can be fairly close to my subject, and still pull all of the scene into it. However, the ability to pull the edges in also results in one of the cons… it slants those outer edges inward so that it makes vertical objects look like they’re “falling backward.” I can do some digital magic to correct the distortions, but sometimes, it results in an even worse distortion. That was the case here. I tried to correct the fall back, and it just ended up looking weirder, so I left it as is.

However, I’m very pleased with the detail and the sky. As you can see, the blue hour had already passed (it was after 9:00pm), and so the sky’s colors were depending into purple. The clouds were rolling in from the south, and the reflection of the lights of the city were making them pinkish.

And finally, you can see the shadow of me and my tripod in the lower right-hand corner. I didn’t even realize that was happening while I was shooting. Kind of a shadow fingerprint, I suppose. :)

Very pleased with the details on this one.

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