Eddie, Eddie, Eddie (shaking head)

Tuesday after work, I took Eddie for a walk around the larger park that contains the dog park which he enjoys so much. The walk was brisk, and both he and I were winded by time we got to the dog park. Eddie, however, quickly found a way to cool off while I wasn’t looking!

I’d walked over to take one of the plastic bags available to keep the park clean after one’s dog does his business. While I went that way, he went to where a couple of other dogs had dug a decent-sized hole in the soft Georgia clay. It had rained earlier in the day, so there were about five inches of water/mud/gook/dog slobber in the bottom of the hole.

Eddie goes and just plops down in it before I even realize what he’s doing. Well, after one plop, he’s pretty dirty, so I just let him continue playing. At one point, the playing between the dogs becomes a ruckus, and Eddie ends up rolling onto his back in it. This photo is before that happened, so you can imagine how much worse it got. Ugh.

At that point, I figured it was enough, and I tried to get some of the mud off with the water from the water fountain. It basically just made a thinner paste and got mud all over me and my clothes. Fortunately, I had the good sense to put my camera away before I started that mess.

I put down a towel in the back seat of my car and, of course, it only worked minimally well. He still managed to dirty it up pretty well. By time we got home, a torrential rain was falling, so I just took Eddie out to the bottom of the driveway where the water runoff was strongest, and splashed him until he was fairly clean. By time I was done, we were both soaking wet, but at least we weren’t orange anymore. :)

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