Time for Reflection

I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens today with some old friends and made some new ones. Other than it being terribly overcast (not a bit of sun nor blue in the sky), we had a great time walking around, taking photos, and talking.

I will have several photos from our visit to post later, but I wanted to go ahead and post one of my favorites. This is one of several of the beautiful water lilies I photographed, but this one… floating all alone, perfectly still, the gray sky providing a blank reflection in the water… was so serene. I think it was my favorite of all that I took. Of course, my next one might be my next favorite. :)

Nice details on this one.

Shroom Cluster

Walked out on the deck with Eddie this morning, and, without my glasses on, saw what first appeared to be a pile of potato chips laying on the ground. Of course, I immediately assumed Eddie had gotten into a bag of chips, ate them all, then threw them up. Then I remembered, we didn’t have any chips. And upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be a cluster of mushrooms.

I should have put something for size reference here, but didn’t think about it. The entire cluster is about 6″ across. It amazes me how fast mushrooms can grow. I am almost positive this was not there two mornings ago.

I looked them up online and discovered that they are Ringless Honey Mushrooms, apparently edible and somewhat related to shiitake mushrooms. Even though they’re edible, I think I’ll stick to the more mundane portabella mushrooms. Anyone ever eaten the honey mushrooms?

Good details.

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Yep, I got to see it. According to the leftover sticky stuff above the painted lettering, it looks like we’re seeing the former world headquarters of “Sock Box.” (I’m hoping it wasn’t Suck Box, but one never knows.)

This brightly colored building sits about 20 feet from a railroad track in a somewhat run-down part of Decatur, and the color choice of the owner has always fascinated me. If nothing else, the headquarters certainly stands out from its dismal surrounding. And I mean, it had to be easy to give directions to customers… “Just look for the bright yellow building…” :)

And for the record, the sky was that blue, and the building was that yellow. The colors have not been saturated for this photo.

Can You Feel It Coming?

This was taken somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year in late October. The brilliant colors in the distant woods had already begun to fade to brown, but the closer trees were still striking.

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year… mild days, chilly nights, football, back to school, holidays, the gorgeous colors… sigh… there’s just so much to love.