Ever since I saw this church, Independent Presbyterian, when I first moved to Birmingham, I’ve wanted to take a photo of it. Of course, the day I finally get around to taking it with good equipment and some know-how, it’s really overcast. Additionally, whomever’s bright idea it was to plant a bunch of crepe myrtles right in front of the the beautiful main sanctuary… well, I guess there’s no real punishment to mete out, but it’s just aggravating from a photo taking point of view. (Oh, and the lamp light in the trees on the left that looks like it’s floating… it’s actually attached to the lamp post on the median. It’s not a cloning mistake.)

I moved toward the left side of the trees, but it was such a severe angle that it failed to show my favorite part of this church… the alcove/walkway/whatever it’s called surrounding the quaint little courtyard. So I just threw out the rules of photography and shot what I wanted to, leaving the main subject covered up. I was also hoping for an interior shot, but the doors were locked. :(

There are two reasons that I really like this photo:
1) This is actually two totally different shots… one from the left side and one from the right, merged into a panorama in PhotoShop. I’d guess most people can’t find the merge points. (And if you think it’s the places where I cloned out the handicap parking signs and took graffiti off the median, you’d be wrong. :) I’m very impressed with what Photoshop can do with panoramas. I’ll have to consider its capabilities more often when not shooting with wide angle lenses, as I was doing here.
2) This does not have any HDR processing. It is only one exposure level which was then adjusted and sharpened. I believe it resulted in even better details than usual. Would love for you to check them out.

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