Sawada Ya Doin Now?

This is the First Methodist Church in my hometown. It sits at one of the main intersections, across one street from the school, and across another from the town park with the “Welcome to Tallassee” sign. I’ve always thought it’s such a pretty building and landscaped grounds, and a nice sight for folks to see when they first come into town.

From what I can tell, it’s pretty much unchanged on the outside from when I lived there, which says something good about the pride and faithfulness of the folks who see to its upkeep. Of course, there are several pretty churches in town, each with its own personality and attractiveness, but the location of this one just seems to make it stick in my mind more since I pass it every time I come into town.

The title of this post will ONLY make sense to my Facebook friends from Tallassee who remember one of the pastors of the church, Ben Sawada. His wife, Lily Sawada, was one of my teachers… 6th grade, if remember correctly. I remember thinking it was so cool to have “Asian” folks in our little town. Made me feel so cosmopolitan. :)

3 thoughts on “Sawada Ya Doin Now?

  1. Beautiful! Great photo–as always. It’s always good to go back to our hometowns and see things that we remember still looking the same. It’s like an anchor for our lives. One of the oldest churches in my old hometown of Sheffield is currently being dismantled. It was an old (over 100 years) Episcopal Church. All the stained glass windows are now gone and it is being gutted. It has sat empty for over 40 years (the congregation built a new church in the 1970s). The roof was beginning to collapse and the walls were buckling. It will be sad to see a vacant lot there soon–and I’m Baptist. My hometown church (First Baptist) is still regal looking and it conjures up so many memories of my childhood.

  2. My mother went to Huntington with Lurie Sawada. The Sawadas were originally from Mobile (via Canada, Hong Kong and Japan) Koshua Sawada, the father, was a well known gardener of camellias in Mobile.

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