Everybody Must Get Stoned

Haven’t been taking photos for a few days; even took a break from posting. Don’t know why. Just felt like it. :)

This is from a trip to The Biltmore in Asheville last year. There are many beautiful statues throughout the house and grounds there. I have to think that they have someone who keeps them in almost pristine condition, because they show very little distress, mold, nor dirt that one commonly finds on statues in public places.

I stand in awe of subtractive sculptors. I actually am not bad myself at being able to sculpt something recognizable with the additive process. But starting with a block of marble or granite or ivory or whatever, and then subtracting pieces until something recognizable emerges, now THAT is a talent few people have.

Consider this statue… all of the figures and their relation to one another, their scale, the space that they occupy… it all had to be pretty much figured out before the chisel ever hit the stone. Wow.

I’m not big on vertically oriented images, especially for my blog, because you can’t see the whole image without scrolling, but this object pretty much demands it. :) Details.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

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