Shroom Cluster

Walked out on the deck with Eddie this morning, and, without my glasses on, saw what first appeared to be a pile of potato chips laying on the ground. Of course, I immediately assumed Eddie had gotten into a bag of chips, ate them all, then threw them up. Then I remembered, we didn’t have any chips. And upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be a cluster of mushrooms.

I should have put something for size reference here, but didn’t think about it. The entire cluster is about 6″ across. It amazes me how fast mushrooms can grow. I am almost positive this was not there two mornings ago.

I looked them up online and discovered that they are Ringless Honey Mushrooms, apparently edible and somewhat related to shiitake mushrooms. Even though they’re edible, I think I’ll stick to the more mundane portabella mushrooms. Anyone ever eaten the honey mushrooms?

Good details.

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