Today, I had an epiphany of sorts about where I want to take my photos, and I’m excited about the possibilities. It has nothing to do with starting any kind of business, but more about letting my photos express my emotions, dreams, fears, hopes, etc. It might not be to anyone else’s liking, but I hope it will be to mine.

I feel my techniques have improved over the last couple of years, and so now, rather than photographic proficiency being my goal, proficiency becomes a tool with which to create my vision. That’s not to say I won’t continue to learn and improve, but I won’t put so much emphasis on getting it “right.”

The rest of this year will be spent thinking about how I want to approach this “project” (for lack of a better word), and I will continue to plan posting a photo a day during that time. My intention is to start my new project at the start of the new year.

It’s a little scary to think about putting on an “artist” hat after so many years of thinking of myself as more of a “technician.” I’m hoping that it’s all I’m imagining it to be.

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